Thursday, June 19, 2014


Is the day.

The day we get rid of Henry, his siamese twin Henry... and his OTHER twin Henry. (Yeah, there are three of them, which I know SHOULD = triplets, but since two of them seem to be conjoined, I'm hesitant to call them full trips.)

And it's about dang time, because he/they have grown flat out of control.

I'm pretty sure that Omar isn't factoring into the belly bulge (my little friends grow fast, but not usually THIS fast), but only time'll tell.

By 8:00 tonight, I should be cancer free. Again. Wahoo!

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4e8c6cf8-f819-11e3-be69-bb7e1b51ddbc said...

Hope everything goes as smoothly as possible! Bending prayers in your direction, too. Hang in there! ♥