Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Semi-Update (but not really)

So... I've been getting a little flack on the fb and via text this weekend about not having updated the blog since my June 30th post.

Listen kids, I sleep a lot.

Like, more than I remember ever having slept with prior surgeries. It's weird.

On the one hand, I've healed SO MUCH FASTER than I ever have before. (The walker went back into storage during my first week home. Crazy, right?!)

On the other, I have never (and I do mean NEVER) been as sick as I have been in this recovery. It's been weird. I've only had one actual day of puking (that's right - a day... full of it... from beginning to end of that day), but I'm taking zofran every day to combat the pukeyness. I've found that sleeping is the best/easiest way to get through my nearly constant gagging episodes. It's been ridiculous.

Anyway, I haven't been blogging like I usually do. And I'm sorry about that.

It's because I've been sleeping more - to avoid the nausea.

Also, here's the thing... When I had my follow-up on July 1, it wasn't with Dr. G. Dude was on vacation, so I met with his surgical assistant (whom I love). She took my staples out and checked me out, post-op. But she wasn't IN my surgery this time, so when I had some very surgery-specific questions, she couldn't answer them.

Now, while I was there, I was able to meet with my dreamy doctor (we all know I'll take any time I can get with Dr. H), who had been talking to G, and H relayed some information... but, because he wasn't IN said surgery, he didn't have answers to all of my questions.

Thus, I have an appointment this week with G to get all the dirty details. Once I know more, I'll talk more. I promise.

If you can catch me awake, anyway.

Heh heh heh...


Melissa said...

Thank you, Miss Laurie! Now go back to sleep! :) <3

Crowwyng said...

I think we should have a sleep off!