Friday, July 18, 2014

Before and After

A lot can happen in four weeks.

Especially when one undergoes major surgery to A) literally save one's life (by removing malignant growths) as well as B) metaphorically save one's life (with a multiple hernia repair ... because, I am telling you, that stupid hernia made me want to die some days).

28 days and 20 lbs later, I give you:

Henry Before:


Henry After:

Please note that Dr. G restored my bellybutton to me. 

In the repair of the hernia, Dr. G moved my original surgical line and then pulled tissue from both sides over each other to secure the mesh used in the repair. The bb has been MIA since June of 2010, after my first surgery.

As lame as it may sound, it's pretty awesome to see my innie again!

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