Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kimmie and her car washes...

As some of you old timers (yeah, that's what I call you kids who've been reading the blog for two years or more) may recall, a couple years ago, my amazing friend Kimmie threw a car wash fundraiser for me.

I so love her!

Since then, she and her family have moved to Washington and started a whole new life there - a life in which, I am sure, she is influencing people for good and making everyone she comes into contact with a happier, better, person.

My plea for help hit the www Saturday morning, and Saturday night, Kimmie's inbound plane hit the tarmac in Phoenix. She was coming to visit family in Arizona, but she texted to ask if she could organize another car wash for me while she was here. ... On vacation. 

Who plans and executes a service project while on vacation?

My friend Kimmie does!

She called a few mutual friends and the car wash commenced at 5:00 PM yesterday afternoon. Halfway through the first car getting washed, it became very apparent that this was like a game to the children who'd come with their mothers. 

While some of the kids worked, others held their homemade signs and screamed "CAR WASH FOR CANCER" at the top of their lungs to bring in business.

It was totally awesome!

My brother Kirk and and his family came, bringing both their cars - and all four children - to help in the cause.

Baby Monson (he's 2) figured out how to say my name. (Sort of. I'd type it, but there's no way to spell what he says when he means "Aunt Laurie". Ask me in person how it's done sometime and I'll show you. You'll be impressed. Also, amused.) ... He needed to be able to scream it at cars pulling out of the drive-thru, so he could bring in business.

I was able to be on site for about 90 minutes of what ended up being 2.5 hours of car washing.

It was awesome to see friends and family and complete and total strangers come together to donate time and hard-earned cash for a girl in need.

I love my life. I love the people IN my life. I'm so grateful for all of the opportunities I have been given to see the goodness in human nature, and experience the kindness of strangers. Life is good. ... Trust me, I should know.

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