Friday, July 25, 2014

Wolverette, post-op

Yeah, so... Look at the pic I found hiding in my phone.

A few days ago, I ran a post in which Wolverette was re-purposed to show where all my little friends were hiding out when Dr. G cut me open and took them out.

No sooner had I laid The Henries line out, than was Judy working up a post-op Wolverette, complete with an 8 inch incision - yeah, she measured it, to be exact. Staples included.

Please note the frowny face and quote. (Also, the strategically placed bellybutton.)

It's true. Surgery hurts.

So much so that I was overheard saying (I say "overheard", because I have absolutely no recollection of having said this... so much for being super lucid this time around) that "I wouldn't wish this on - insert my high school nemesis' name here - and I hate her."

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Crowwyng said...

And here we though you hated no one, oh the truth serum of pain relief; well not relief exactly so much as pain mediation and forgetfulness.

Hugs to you and we will see each other soon.