Sunday, July 13, 2014


In case anyone's been wondering what's been going on around here... I'll show you.

For starters, I've been sitting and/or lying about, staring at the ceiling (I love my life) and the moulding in my living room has been MAKING ME CRAZY.

Several years ago,  my complex sent some workers in to install said moulding. During the day. While I was at work, and unable to supervise them. Clearly, because OVER MY DEAD BODY would I have let those fools do such shoddy work and then walk out of here.

As much as I do love the moulding (who hearts contrast against a red wall? this girl!), the cracks in the corners have bugged for some time. And when I'm down, recovering from surgery, the bug factor goes up. About 1,000%.

Lucky for me, Judy is here. And Judy is a helper and a half.

She asked me last week if I had any projects she could work on for me while she is here. "The moulding. It bugs."

So Judy rushed right out to the store and bought caulking and pain samples, and... The Project of The Week was born.

She's been caulking to fix the mars/cuts in the moulding all week, and yesterday, she started to paint the moulding. I was awake long enough to watch her tape off the kitchen and living room, but I got tired just from watching her work, so I put myself down for a nap around 11:00.

I woke up around 3:00 and walked out into the living room to see this on my front door:

I asked Judy if she had finished the painting. From her corner on the couch, she nodded toward the door and said, "She did it. She's Wolverine's sister. She's a paintress.", and then she went back to her embroidery.

That's right, kids.

That's Wolverette. (The female of Wolverine.)

At first, I thought she was related to Wolverine because of her claw-like fingers (seen here, holding her paintbrush):

But no.

As per Judy, the proof is in the hair:

And you can tell she's a girl by the eyelashes. Duh. (Again, per Jude.)

Judy/Wolverette have two corners and one wall left, and then ALL the moulding will be white and all will be well in the world.

Until then, I think I'll take another nap.

I'm pretty much a rockstar when it comes to napping these days.


Sabrina Gardner said...

Oh my goodness, Judy is hilarious! That cracked me up!

Jenni said...

I love your mom! Give her a big hug for me, please. Will ya?

Mindi Smith said...

Ummmm....your mom is awesome