Friday, August 22, 2014

In case you've ever wondered exactly how much I love the X-Men...

Here are some fun little stories about how jacked-up-crazy-town I get when I'm on pain meds.

Scene: Judy is bringing me in pain meds at 2:15 AM. I am asleep in my bed. Judy wakes me to take my pills, and I come to, saying...

"I was just dreaming about the X-Men. Like, I was one of them. My power? ... Not regeneration."

Ya like that, huh?

Well... here's another one from the day I came home from the hospital:

"Lindsay's trying to give me weight training lessons in my head. ... It's not working."

More, you say? You want more?! Okay, fine.

Talking about taking pain meds in the hospital, trying to decide whether to have drugs administered via IV or with pills:

"The IV... The ID... The IV... This is fun for you isn't it? Where's the candid camera?"

Okay, okay, okay... One more.

To Judy in the hospital, as I was waking up (from a drug-induced stupor/sleep... obviously):

"We're cellmates. Living in a paper manufacturing company. And the beeper means that an order is ready."

Isn't it great that Judy keeps a notebook of all my surgeries/dreams/hallucinations, so I can share these special moments with you?

You're welcome.

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