Wednesday, September 24, 2014

2,000 Words

Tonight was the Jester'Z fundraiser. It was everything I had hoped for, and more. (Not only did we sell out... WE SOLD OUT BY 3:00 IN THE AFTERNOON!)

I'd love to stay up and tell you all about it, but I'm too tired for words (typing them, speaking them... thinking them). And then it hit me that I could use a couple pics to show you the current state of my very tired union.

If a picture's worth 1,000 words, well then... let's give you 2,000!

This is my kitchen.

It is a MESS.

Judy taught me to always clean up as I go when I'm baking. I haaaaaaate to see dirty dishes on a counter, and don't even mention the egg carton. (That's right, I have TRASH on my counter!)

And yet... it's been like this for DAYS. Because I'm tired to clean it up. 

And then there are these bad bous.

Do you know whose hand this is?! ... MINE!!!

I know, I look like a homeless person.

This is how tired, I am people: I have trash on my kitchen counter and chipped nail polish. And I'm going to bed in this state

*Note the time of this post actually hitting the www: I started it last night, fell asleep while the pics were uploading... and then finished this morning. Today, MAYBE I'll do some dishes or paint my nails (oh, and tell ya'll about the Jester'Z fundraiser). Then again, maybeI'll take a nap. Only time'll tell...

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