Sunday, September 7, 2014

Recommended Reading

For those of you who may not have seen this on my Facebook... I think the "My Cancer is Worse Than Your Cancer?" article is too great not to repost it. Click here to be taken to the article..

As anyone who comes here often knows, I am a sarcoma patient (liposarcoma).

For any of you who've ever wondered what causes this type of cancer and why it has such a high recurrence and mortality rate, this article explains it well. Simply put, it's such a rare cancer (1% of adult cancer diagnoses and 15% of children cancer diagnoses), that there isn't much funding to research it or find a cure.

I'm lucky, in that I have liposarcoma, which has the lowest mortality rate among sarcoma cancers. The young man in the video had osteosarcoma.

Some of you know that my doctors wanted to watch tumor #3 grow, so they could see what it would do. For many, that is a horrifying thought - to keep malignant a tumor inside a person, to monitor growth. For me, it was a chance to contribute something to the cause, to possibly help them understand what happens inside my body. Sadly, #3 didn't grow (and #4 snuck in while they weren't looking and needed immediate removal), so they couldn't learn much. But I would do it again, in a heartbeat.

I am grateful for any exposure that sarcoma can get. This article is incredibly well-written (by a survivor!), and the video is truly moving. If you have a few minutes, please take the time to sit down and read/watch this.

Life is precious.

And much like the author of the article, I am grateful that cancer has helped me learn how to truly LIVE mine.

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