Sunday, September 14, 2014

So, here's the latest on the Neon...

There isn't one.

True story.

When I talked to my insurance company Tuesday morning, they asked if they could leave my car where it was instead of towing it to a body shop. The reason being that, with the influx of claims in the Phoenix metropolitan area, they didn't know how soon a shop would be able to look it over... and if (just laughed out loud at having used the word "if") the car ended up being totaled, there was a good chance they'd have to pay tow fees + storage fees at a shop, and then tow it again to be destroyed.

Because I really didn't care where my soppy little car was sitting, I told them that was fine with me.

On Tuesday, I was told that everything should be resolved by Friday.

(Insert maniacal laughter here.)

On Friday, I called the insurance company to get an update on my claim and was told that the adjuster hasn't made it out yet... but they believe he'll be here either Monday or Tuesday, and everything should be resolved on Wednesday.

(My gut says it'll be the end of the week before I have anything concrete.)

The good news? I have been paying for comprehensive coverage on my 2001, and that covered a rental. So, I do have something to drive for as long as I need it. (Yay for that extra $60 a year that I've been forking out for full coverage. It's paid off, just with the savings of a rental for the last week!)

And the fact that it's taking for-freaking-ever to get a solid answer from the insurance company has afforded me time to spend time at dealerships test driving cars against each other to determine which car I really like the best.

Here's a true story: After spending HOURS at dealerships on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon/evening, I was feeling particularly sorry for my sad little self. What with my back hurting because I'd been moving around too much, and my head hurting because I'd been dealing with some pretty special sales people, I drove home thinking, "This is the worst possible timing to have to be doing this."

And then, like a lightening bolt from the sky, it hit me that this wasn't actually "the worst possible timing" to have to be doing this. That, right now, I can qualify for financing, because I'm working full time and can provide pay stubs. That, right now, I do have the strength (barely, but it IS there) to walk car lots and get in and out of multiple cars in a day. That, if I went backwards OR forwards even six weeks in my life, it's unlikely that I'd be able to do either of those things.

It turns out that this freak flooding accident that happened in my parking lot came at EXACTLY the right time.

Don't get me wrong, I am still hoping and praying that the Neon pulls through. I'd reeeeeeeeeally rather not have a car payment, especially as I don't know what next month's scan will bring. But if an act of God is what made the car die... I have full confidence that He'll also help me figure out a way to pay for a new car, if that's what I need to do. And now, thanks to many hours, spread over multiple days, on three different dealerships' lots, I know what I want. And I know I'll be able to qualify for a loan and pick up a new car in one day... if it comes to that. Isn't that lucky?


Evvie Turley said...

Of course you're lucky! Ha ha! Perhaps I would choose the words: optimistic, blessed, positive, aware, etc. I appreciate how you can look at the bright side of things and see how the Lord works in your life. Not everyone in your situation would have such a sunny disposition or even try to find the silver lining. You just make me love you more and more every time I read about your "adventures." Thank you for reminding us all that we always need to look for and recognize our blessings!

Genevra said...

Oh, I heart you. I absolutely agree with the above comment. Not everyone would try to find (and find) that silver lining.