Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stilllllll waiting

The insurance adjuster came out to look at the Neon yesterday. (I know this, because he was kind enough to call and let me know that he was rolling my windows up so it wouldn't re-flood during yesterday's torrential downpour. Never mind that the first time the car flooded, the windows were all rolled up. And that the insurance company is who told me to leave all the windows rolled down in the first place. ... Oh, and that the damage has already been done.)

As per the insurance adjuster, the car is most likely totaled. (He can't make the actual decision. It's his job to assess the damage against the estimated value of the car, then he sends the numbers back to the claims dept, and THEY make the official call.) But - and there's no surprise here - to quote the man, "the cost to replace the seat cushions and floor boards would exceed the value of the car".

(Insert raucous laughter here.)

That's right... even if the flood didn't wipe out my engine, the car isn't worth the cost of replacing the FOAM (okay, and upholstery) of four seat cushions.

But the insurance company still has to rule.

It's Thursday morning and I need to hear from them by 5:00 tomorrow, otherwise I'll keep the Jeep through the weekend. (Fingers crossed, because I freaking LOVE driving that bad boy!) Given that it took over a week to get someone out to look at the Neon is helping me feel pretty confident that I'll be driving my (free) high-riding 4x4 until Monday. Wahoo!

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