Friday, September 26, 2014

This is what happened this morning...

That's right, the Neon got towed away.

Now, before you get all excited, thinking the saga of the flooded car has come to an end, please let me assure you that we are SO not at the end of this story.

Here's where we are as of now: (buckle up, because you might fall off your chair when you read this), my ins co thinks the car is salvageable. Even BETTER, they think the value of the car is around $4,400. (Sure it is. It's a 2001 Neon with 160K miles. It blue books at $2500. But whatev.)

Anyway... the cost to replace the seats (cushions and upholstery) and flooring is around $2800. So, this morning the car was towed to a body shop. If there's anything electric (like that car HAS electric ANYTHING) that would bump the cost to repair closer to the estimated value of the car, it could go back to being totaled.

My life.

The Neon being totally out of commission was, pretty much, the one thing I thought was a guarantee in my life right now. I guess The Universe is out to teach me a lesson on making assumptions...

Hopefully, I'll know more by Monday. (Which will be the three week anniversary of The Flood.  Ha!)

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Catherine said...

Well, at least if they determine it IS totaled, you'll get $4400? Right? Should we pray for electric problems so you can get a sweet little SUV?