Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Universe Loves Me

It really does.

Listen up, and I'll tell you how I know.

First off, EIGHT SOLID HOURS of sleep last night. (Who cares if those eight hours started at 9:00 and I was wide awake at 5:00? Not me, that's who! Eight hours of sleep is eight hours of sleep, and it doesn't matter when/how I get it.)

By 6:00, I'd packed the Jeep with my bags of returns and hit the road.

Too bad WalMart is the only place that's open that early, so I didn't get to run all my return errands. But still. I was able to return two full bags of crap there, and that made me happy.

After trolling through WalMart, picking up all the stuff I didn't buy when I was there, just last night (light bulbs for the bathroom... because I can't seem to keep all three lights in there alive at the same time, liquid plumber, because stress makes my hair fall out... and I've been a little stressed lately, the brown shrug I knew I should have grabbed up yesterday when I heard it calling my name), I was headed home.

And then hunger struck.

Raging, angry, hunger.

So I did the only thing a hungry woman who was only 2 miles away from home could do... I pulled a u-turn in the Jeep and backtracked to Taco Bell.

Yes, at 7:00 AM. Don't judge. ... I happen to love bean burritos and nachos for breakfast.

I placed my standard order (bean burrito with extra red sauce and sour cream, nachos supreme and a large mountain dew) and the girl gave me the total... And then the mic crackled and a male voice came over the speaker, telling me they'd emptied the fryer for cleaning that morning, so they couldn't make my nachos (*bonus -- I now know that Taco Bell fresh fries their chips... also, they clean their fryers... who'd have guessed? .... on both counts, really).

I was on the verge of bursting into angry tears, but then the man told me that, since I couldn't have nachos, he'd give me anything I wanted on the menu (that wasn't fried) FOR FREE.

You heard me. I got a free Taco Bell breakfast. ... After 8 solid hours of sleep.

Like I said: The Universe FREAKING Loves Me.

Today's gonna be awesome.


Genevra said...

And so does everyone who knows you. :)

Melissa said...

What Genevra said! :) Also, Taco Bell used to fry all their products fresh. But then they stopped and only did the Twists, Taco Salads & Pizzas. I wasn't aware they had gone back to doing more frying in store...but YAY!