Saturday, January 31, 2015

Random thoughts

Ya know why kids lisp?

I do.

It's because they're MISSING TEETH IN THEIR MOUTH!

I'm telling you, I have a real long and wet-sounding S these days. I alternate between being disgusted and being amused. ... Luckily, I have bigger fish to fry with this body of mine, so it doesn't take up too much time and energy. (Though I will say that my first order of business, once I'm done with chemo and have grown my immune system back, etc., will be to get that dang bridge put in place so I don't feel like I'm spitting out of the side of my mouth anymore!)


What with getting my tooth pulled on Monday (oh, right... and the crown flying off my rear right molar), I was rendered unable to eat. ... Well, pretty much anything. But I especially couldn't eat sugar without incurring a lot of pain.

It was pretty awful.

By Thursday, I could seriously feel/see my chubby cheeks shrinking.


Dr. Steve put the crown back on #2 (my original crown just popped right off - didn't crack or anything) on Thursday morning, and I've been back to my sugar-eating ways for the last 48 hours.

My cheekbones are but a dim memory again. ... Just how I like them! (Many thanks to my adopted cousin Shana for sending me a pound of chocolates last week. That definitely helped me plump back up!)


I'm still on the lookout for a wig-maker on US soil.

What I'd really like to do is use the Pantene Beautiful Lengths/American Cancer Society program. (For those of you who may not have spent hours of their lives researching such things, let me just tell you what I've learned... Most everyone has heard of Locks of Love. They make wigs for children with medical hair loss. Pantene Beautiful Lengths does the same thing, but their work benefits adult women with medical hair loss.) Pantene's site states that all their wigs are made in the US. When I called and explained my situation - I want a wig made from my own hair, and the hair of my friends and family who've so generously given of themselves to make sure I'll have enough hair to have a wig made with the hairs from my own head - I talked to a super nice kid in a call center who was enraptured by my story (who wouldn't be? ... I mean, fighting cancer for almost 5 years and is now looking at starting chemo, because nothing else seems to have worked? ... it's such a fine story!). He took my contact info and said he'd escalate my concerns to his manager and see if they could help me find a wig-maker.

Of course, he also tried to pawn me off on some celebrity wig maker who lives in Florida (and charges thousands - plural) for her work. So, we'll see.


I honestly have NO IDEA what I'd do without Jo. Bless her heart, that woman has driven me all over creation in the last two weeks (what with the constant need for prescription pain pills, I'm risking a DUI just thinking about getting behind the wheel).

She's picked up, I swear, four of the six prescriptions I've had written in the last ten days. (I'm not kidding you. Six prescriptions. ... In TEN DAYS. And I haven't even started chemo yet. This should be fun.)

Yesterday, she did my grocery shopping while I was at work, so I could home from work and crash w/o having to set foot inside WalMart, bless her.

On no level did I expect to need so much help so soon. ... But I have. And she's been there to be my driver/errand runner. I don't know what I'd do without her.


Judy and Dad are coming down the mountain tomorrow. We have a big family dinner (I'm calling it my "last supper", because I'm a sarcastic pig and it's fun for me to throw words like that around) at Jo's tomorrow. Kirk's coming with his family. Kate's coming down. And we'll have the usual Sunday dinner crew.

The menu?

Hot dogs
All manner of soda to drink
The potato salad with bacon in it
Jalepenos stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon
Jo's chocolate cake w/ marshmallow icing
The brownies with marshmallows and pb/choc rice crispies on top
Homemade ice cream (banana) with homemade hot fudge

Because I am basically a 7 yr old boy when it comes to my favorite foods, and I want at least one bite of all the things that I love before I have to say goodbye to them.


I am working next week.

I have the echo on Tuesday, and it's at a kind of weird time... so I won't be able to work my usual go to work before/after routine. So, I plan on taking Tuesday off. Jo will take me to the hospital for my heart test and then we're going to Kneaders for some raspberry cream pie and/or chocolate domes. (Who's kidding who? That's a definite AND, not OR situation.)

But I'm working Monday, and I'll work until noon or so on Wednesday. My appointment with Dr. H is at 1:30, and he'll admit me that afternoon. I see no reason to sit at home and worry about what's coming, when I could be productive at work. So, I'll be working next week.

It's part of my deal with the Lord. ... You know the one, where I do everything I can for as long as I can, and then I trust Him that He'll take care of the rest?...  I'm all in. (Like I have a choice. But still.)


Jenni said...

I might have a wig connection. My friend just had one made for her daughter (alopecia). I just sent her a message. I'll keep you posted.

Love you.

Genevra said...

The food all sounds amazing! I don't know that I could stop at just a single bite. And Jo is amazing. You are both amazing.

shana said...

So glad I could help out your cheeks. :) Good luck tomorrow my friend. I sure love ya!