Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A whole new level of tired

Hi again. Remember me? The girl who posted something all week last week (even if it was super lame), just to make sure my peeps who are too far away to know what's going on would know what's going on?

Yeah, I got tired.

So tired, in fact, that the post I started on Saturday didn't get finished and thrown up until yesterday morning. I'd posted the pics and was just finishing up writing that Saturday post when I had a double wave of hot and tired hit me at the same time. Judy took my temp and it was 100.2. I immediately removed myself from the blogesphere and spent the rest of Saturday night praying that my temperature would go down, so I could just go to sleep.

Miracles happen. Prayers are answered. My temp never did hit 100.4 (this is the magical number that sends me straight to the ER), and I was able to sleep Saturday night. For 12 solid hours.

And then I stayed in bed all day Sunday, pretty much unable to move.

And then I went to bed Sunday night, slept another 10 hours, and rolled myself out of bed just in time to go to MD and have them take some blood Monday morning.

Oh, and also so I could ask about all these awesome side effects that have been piling on since Thursday (acne, mouth sores that have now started to go down my throat, itchy/irritated skin... the list goes on and on).

And the blood work reveals:

*Low White Blood Cells (It seems that the bladder infection on Friday has been my saving grace, in that I was put on antibiotics that've been keeping me safe while my own immune system has been rapidly making its way down the drain)

*Low Platelets (I told the PA, "No wonder I keep getting bloody noses; I can't clot!" Her response "Yeah, I was gonna say to be careful around stairs. ... But also maybe don't blow your nose too often."

*Low Phosphorus (I did a little Google research and it appears that this may have something to do with my lone kidney... as in, "healthy kidneys work to keep a balance of calcium and phosphorus in the blood" ... but I'm not entirely sure what that's about)

Aaaaaaand, voila! We have a reason for why I am so tired!

As per the lovely PA, yesterday I was "this close" to needing a transfusion to build my levels back up. Rather than re-access my port and literally pour new blood back into my body, I've been put on two new prescriptions - one to build white blood cells and one to build my supply of phosphorus - and I'll go back in for blood work Thursday morning. Depending on what they see, they may call me back Thursday afternoon or Friday morning to do an infusion/transfusion.

Gosh. Will the good times ever stop rolling?!

But hey... at least now we know why I'm so tired. It's my blood. Or, rather, the lack thereof. It can't do everything it needs to do right now, so... I nap a lot. I'm not sure if that's actually helping my blood do what it needs to do, but I'm not real lively even when I am awake these days, so it seems like a good use of time.

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