Friday, February 20, 2015

Cheep, cheep, cheep

Nice baby bird fuzz, eh?

This picture was taken this morning. That fuzz was all that was left after about 15 minutes of Judy and me pulling on the loose ends of the hair that was still there when I went to bed last night.

Tonight, I'll take an electric shaver to it and clean it up, but who could resist posting a pic of that awesome fuzz?!

Also, I have a song for us to sing together in commemoration of The Big (Bald) Event. (Nope, I'm not even kidding.) This is a collaboration of one Michelle Beal, Judy and my own self.

Sung to the tune of The Popcorn Song 

I woke up this morning, and what did I see?
Very little hair that was left upon me.
Cancer's brought me such a crap surprise - loss of hair right before my eyes!

I could take a handful and make a nest
For baby birds to have to a cushy rest.
I wish it wasn't so, 
But it seems to me, all my hair is going up a tree!

You're welcome. ... And maybe now that my hair is gone, this little corner of the www will go back to something with a little more substance. (Big. Fat. Maybe.) Only time will tell.


Super Sara said...

You look like a minion! A really cute minion!

Genevra said...

Oh my goodness, I love all three of you!