Monday, February 23, 2015

Round II

... Is a go.

I had blood work yesterday, and an appointment with Dr. H today. My white cell count has climbed its way out of the toilet and my levels are now high enough that I am approved to be readmitted and re-chemo-ed. (You know I like to make words up, right?)

Dr. H is cutting my dosage down a little this time (taking out a day of Ifosfamide), in the hopes that a lower dose will decrease the chance of the second round effecting my blood in the same way that the first round did. (Also possible benefit: All my OTHER side effects may be lessened as well. Thank heaven, because I'm starting to worry about the acne scaring. ... Bald is one thing. But acne scars at the age of 40 is quite another.)

Round II will commence on Wednesday this week and run four days. (Wahoo! Only four days in the hospital this time.) Three weeks later, on March 17th, I'll have a scan so we can see exactly what the chemo's been doing in there. I'll get the results on March 18th. Once the good doctor can see the CT results, he'll determine if we're continuing with further chemo at my current dosage, changing dosage, changing chemo's, having a hard talk with Dr. G... So many fun possibilities.

How I'm feeling... Tired. Very, very, tired. Most of my side effects have gone away. (Finally! Just in time to start again.) The mouth sores have been gone since Saturday. I haven't taken any nausea meds since Saturday, either. (Double win!) The acne is slowing down, but it's not gone. My bones hurt, something fierce, but that's really the only side effect that's hanging on with a passion, so I won't whine about it.

My hair: Almost all of my hair is gone. It's actually kind of ridiculous, how some areas are hanging on while most of it has abandoned ship. I'm shaving my head with an electric shaver right now, in an effort to look more Kojak than Minion. It's pretty weird to have stubble instead of hair on my head (and only on some areas of my head), but I'm getting used to it. My left eyebrow is about half gone, because I sleep mostly on my left side and my hats and scarves seem to skew to the left, rubbing against that eyebrow. The lashes on the inside of my right eye are gone, thanks to allergies that cause me to rub at that eye more often than my left. I've lost the hair on my legs, but only in patches. The hair on my harms is hanging on for dear life. ... I'm telling you, it's real special.

I'm not real excited about going back into the hospital this week, but I'm resigned to it. (And real - REAL - hopeful that the side effects, both in the hospital and when I get out, won't be as bad this time around.)

I do have funny stories about my appointment with H today, but I'm too tired right now to type them out. (And that, kids, is a major clue to exactly how tired I am these days.) Maybe tomorrow? ... We'll see.


Evvie Turley said...

You are a beautiful bald person! I'm sure it will feel strange for a while, but you really make bald look fabulous! I wish this wasn't zapping all of your energy; that makes me feel tired just reading it. I am hoping and praying that the second round will be less taxing on you. Keep the faith and keep your wit! Love you!

Genevra said...

The body is so fascinating (and sometimes hard to comprehend) to me. The beautiful hair on your head falls out, but the armpit hair thinks that's the hair you want to hold on to? I'll be thinking of and praying for you the next four days (and beyond).