Friday, February 13, 2015


As frequent readers may recall, yesterday I issued a (bold-ish) challenge to come back today to see if I am:

A) Even more of a leper
B) Decided to set some Friday goals
C) My right nostril had completely caved in on itself, and I am now struggling to breathe through a mangled nose

I sure did NOT set any Friday goals. 

In fact, I moved my Friday goals to Monday. And when I mentioned that (via text) to my fabulous cousin Becca, she volunteered to take over my Monday goal for me. (God bless Becca!)

Also, I am please to report that the Acyclovir has almost made my nose whole again. Don't get me wrong. It still bleeds when I blow it (which is semi-constantly), but it doesn't have the throbbing ache of yesterday, and the swelling seems to have gone down. So, that's a win. It seems, at the end of all this, I'll still have a cute nose.

Now, there's something to hold on to!

Which brings us back to A.

Uh, yeah. I sure am more of a leper. An incredibly ugly one. (Note: these pics were taken this morning. I kid you not when I say that the acne has gotten angrier and uglier as the day has worn on.)

Even Judy has remarked on it, "Your face is SHINY. ... And your face is NEVER shiny!"

For real, every time I walk by a mirror, it's like roadkill. "Has it gotten worse, I wonder? I bet it has. Do I want to know? NO! ... Yes. NO! Baaaaahhhhhh! .... It's wooooooooorse!!!"

In the immortal words of Roomie Wood (I texted her the shot below this morning, thinking my ugliness would help her feel better about her swollen cheeks from having her wisdom teeth removed), "Not acne! Not the terrifying puss-filled hills that grow on your face that induce ridicule and judgement. This is enough. I refuse to let you suffer any more!"

Seriously. Acne stinks. Esp when you're 40 years old and going through a smattering of OTHER chemo-induced ailments (this just in: I have a raging bladder infection).

But, as Judy and I keep discussing... would ya take a gander at how thin my neck looks?! It appears that the acne, at the very least, is a distraction from my double chin. So, there is that.


Jenni said...

Beautiful no matter what.

Genevra said...

Acne does stink when you are forty. It's not right to be fighting wrinkles and acne at the same time. Acne or not you are beautiful and I love that happy yellow shirt you are wearing.