Sunday, February 8, 2015

The last bag

Okay, so what?

It's the next to the last bag... but we believe is celebrating small victories here!

This is the next to the last bottle of Mesnex, which is what coats my liver, my blabber and my kidney. My last BRUTAL chemo ended around noon, so now we'rw just in coating phase.

As for me and my house, we're just grateful for Zophran and Phenegran, because every time the nausea kicks in, one of both of those drugs knock it right out!

I won't lie. This hasn't been a cake walk. While I am incredibly grateful for all the premeds can do, there have been moments of waking up and thinking, "Oooooooh... this is what i especting." The nausea has been frierce. The anxiety has been incredibly high. The tired is more of a "bone deep" exhaustion than I could have imagined.

But I'm alive. And I'm okay. And I should be home tomorrow. (Expect frewer posts the next few days. I've been told the side effects hit HARDCORE and take 28-72 hours to clear.)