Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Geronimo's got nothing on me!

That's it, kids. Twelve heads of hair. All measured and marked with the name and age of the donor, in a plastic bag labeled with the length and other particulars of the person who donated their hair.

Twelve heads of hair. TWELVE. (And I actually found out just yesterday that two more heads of cousinly hair are making their way to me from Sunny California.) The mind reels, and the heart is grateful. That so many people would want to help me achieve the goal of having a wig made with my own hair makes my heart swell.

Many thanks to the following for literally giving of themselves:

Cili Wood, Monica Peterson, Jessenia Peterson, Emily Campbell, Lisa Parris, Summer Pierce, Beth Nisar, Elly Nisar, Myra Johnson, Rachel Russell, Cylena Parks, Jeanette Allan and Kyla Allan.

Thanks to my most excellent Google-searcher-and-cousin-in-wig-maker-stalking crime (Becca, I'm talking about you!), I've found a woman in NYC who will be able to help me with my wig. Her name is Merria Dearman (click the link to go to her website). She's a real live person who helps people by creating prosthesis and wigs for men and women with medical hair loss. We've been emailing for the last week or so, and will have our first conversation tomorrow. ... After which, all that gorgeous hair will be boxed up and sent Merria's way for her to do her magic.

Obviously, fourteen heads of hair is more than I'll need for my wig. (Did you know, on average, it takes three heads of hair to make one wig? Astonishing, isn't it?! ... That said, I have the hair to make 3 or 4, possibly 5 hairpieces.) What I would love is a wig made with a sampling of all the hair that was given to me, cut for me, so I can remember my sweet friends and family members and take them with me everywhere I go. I've asked that she blend the browns as well as she can and then throw in some blond to keep the salt & pepper element I've been rocking for years. Because all the hair was donated to me, Merria has offered to mail any and all excess hair back to me, so I can make sure it gets donated. (She doesn't currently have room to store donated hair in her shop.)

I feel truly blessed and amazed at how this has all come together. There would be days that the issue of the wig maker (or lack thereof) would weigh heavy on my mind, and then there would come a calm and peaceful awareness that it was all going to work out. And... it did. Merria literally fell into my lap, through Becca's search.

In a world where there is currently very little of getting what it is that I want, there has been a way provided that I can have this thing that I very much want... my own hair back on my head. It may take weeks (and that's okay), but I have every confidence that Merria will take what is mine, and what is theirs, and blend it into a wig that will look like me.

If you'd like to read more on Merria, or find out a little more of her back story, click here to be taken to the Huffington Post article that brought her to me.

I'm so grateful, and I feel so blessed. I'm so grateful that there is enough love in my life to fill a box with hair so I won't have to purchase any filler. I feel so blessed to know that there is a plan - for all of us, in the mighty and mundane details of our lives. It is nothing short of a miracle that I was led to a person who could help me with getting this thing that I've always wanted. (Companies with call center employees, I had found. But I needed a person. And a person found her way to me. Isn't that marvelous?) 

Life is good. Even when it is hard, and the obstacles in life seem insurmountable... the miracles are there if you look for them. And for me, this wig, the selfless donations of my friends' and family's hair, this wig maker, the entire way this has all fallen together, is a miracle. 


Genevra said...

That is a lot of hair/love! Congratulations on finding a wig maker. That made me smile.

Sabrina Gardner said...

This is amazing! What a miracle! We are happy for you. Sending lots of love.

Sackett's said...

Way to go Becca! I read through her Huffington Post article and she sounds perfect. :) This makes me wish my hair was long so I could cut it all off! (I know I'm weird...)