Thursday, March 12, 2015

Living the dream

When I was a kid, one of my favorite be-sneaky/amuse-myself-at-church games was to see if I could hold onto my sacrament bread until the water came. (I'm not kidding you. Instead of eating the bread when it came around, I'd hide it in my skirt until the water came, so I could sneak it into my mouth and then throw the water back like a shot. All in one smooth motion, so none of the brothers would see and get me in trouble with my parents for combining the sacramental parts that were meant to be taken separately.)


Because I loved how the bread would get all spongy in my mouth when the water soaked it. And then I could swallow it whole.

I know, I know. ... What a weird kid.

But I tell you what, all those sneaky Sundays did me some good, in that I learned a very long time ago that it's really easy to swallow water-logged bread.

So now, when my mouth sores are so bad that I can't swallow yogurt without crying, I still have a viable meal choice.

That's right. I've been having bread and water. As a meal. At least once a day. ... Pretty much all week long.

Party of one, living her childhood dream of all-you-can-swallow bread with water, right here.

It's so sad, it's funny, right?

I tell you this story for two reasons:

1. It cracks me up.

2. I feel like it illustrates why I've been MIA on the www this week. I'm tired, you guys. Real tired. And pretty sick.

While I will give that the lower doses in Round II did help with some of the side effects (hooray for blood work that came back with no anomalies this week!), I feel like some of the other side effects have been harder to kick. I'm tired-er than I was with the first round, and I've been sicker. My appetite seems to have come back (see what a steady diet of bread and water can do for a girl?), but I'm still nauseated at night. I'm tired and I'm dizzy. My feet are still killing me, which has made it harder to walk around the parking lot, like I was doing every day at the end of the second week of Round I. (Not that I want to be outside, because you should see my face. It's been red and blotchy since last weekend when the fevers hit along with the mysterious infection... and today it started to peel. No way am I exposing this brand new skin to the sun!)

Anyway, mostly this post is to say that I'm okay. I'm tired, and I'm sick, so I haven't been online much this week. But I'm still laughing (even if it's at my own self). And, hey! Last night, I found the energy to paint my fingernails. So, things are definitely looking up. ... Maybe I'll post again in the next 48, to prove it to ya'll.

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