Monday, March 2, 2015

Nurse Brian

Please allow me to introduce Nurse Brian.

(But before we go there, there's a short back story that goes with.)

Scene: Laurie's hospital room, chemo day three

Dr. H and Nurse Brian enter. Dr. H is waving a blue glove about in his right hand, saying something like, "Don't say I never brought you anything", as he tosses the glove onto my bed.

Then H stopped and looked at Brian, and said, VERY seriously, "Whatever you do, DON'T read her blog." Nurse Brian made sort of a nervous face and said "Okay", and that was pretty much the end of that...

... Until the next time Nurse Brian had to come into my room, at which point, he was ALL about the blog. Wanting the address, asking if he really could read it, etc. Kimmie Curry was visiting at the time, we set up a fun little question/answer session so the readers could be properly introduced to Nurse Brian (aka: Hot Nurse Brian)

Nurse Brian is 35 years old.
Why, yes, that is his real hair. And you should SEE his father's hair!
Nurse Brian is from South Dakota.
He left because of the winters, did a brief stint in Vegas before coming to AZ
Nurse Brian is married and has two children, ages 2.5 And 5.5. (His wife is very into celebrating birthdays, including the half birthdays, so he always knows how old his kids are.)

If you've met Kimmie, then you know that the interview got cut short once she realized Nurse Brian was married (in her defense, he wasn't wearing his ring that day).

Her final question was whether he had an single, marriage-aged, men in his family he could contribute to the pool. (Kimmie WILL find me a husband with medical benefits, or die trying!)

Aaaaaaaaaaand, drumroll, please!

Nurse Brian does, in fact, have an eligble brother. An identacle TWIN of a brother.

Only downside (and I do mean, the ONLY downside... because their last name is CASTLE, people!)... the bro lives in South Dakota.

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Jenni said...

How dare Nurse Brian not be into crime solving, writer-who-wants-to-be-a-cop shows! He's a disgrace to his own name.