Thursday, March 26, 2015

Third day home

I know that I technically came home on Monday, but that was in the middle of the night, so I'm counting this as the third day home.

Status update: I am exhausted.

I may always be this tired the first week I come home, but I swear it's worse... every time.

An example of something that completely wipes me out: getting my own pills in the morning. I have roughly six bottles that I have to open to retrieve my morning meds, one of them is a child-protected prescription. By the time I've opened and closed all of the bottles, my arms are heavy (like I've done a major workout) and I can hardly breathe. I have to sit down to swallow the pills, because the act of getting ready to take the pills takes everything I've got. My blood pressure goes up, the blood leaves my brain, and I feel like I'm going to pass out.

True story.

Even now, at 2:30 in the afternoon, I'm stuck in my recliner. Do I know I'm due for a nap? Yes. Do I know I'd sleep better in my bed? Also, yes. But I feel like my queasy stomach will lose it if I move my body, so I just keep yawning and finding new things to do with the laptop on my lap.

Mouth sores... Can I just tell you how not thrilled I was when I woke up in the middle of the night on Monday (to pee... because it seems all I ever do is pee) to discover that the mouth sores had already set in? I'm taking Acyclovir as a prophylactic (suggested by my primary care doctor) and I'm literally drinking Magic Mouthwash. They haven't gotten any worse in the last three days, and I am grateful for that, but geeze... I usually get 4-5 days of eating before they pop up. Oh, well. Apparently, the side effects really do get worse, the further you get down this road.

Oh! And you can add this fun little tidbit to the tango I do with nausea control/constipation on a daily basis. I found out yesterday -overheard at MD Anderson, when I was there for my Nulasta shot - that my nausea medication of choice (zofran) causes constipation. So, I'm trying to go down on my zofran intake, in hopes that'll help my bowels reset themselves to somewhere near normal. Too bad I'm also still super gaggy from the four days of chemo. I know you have to pick your battles, but frankly, NEITHER of these stomach troubles seem like something I'd be smart to sacrifice.

Anyway... I'm three days in. I feel about the same as I did yesterday, but marginally better than I did on Tuesday. The good news about having done this twice before is that I know I do start to feel better, bit by bit. For now, I'm going to risk the puking and go walk around the pool. And then I'm putting myself straight to bed for an afternoon nap. (You'd think, with having slept a solid 12 hours last night, that I could skip naptime. Uhhhh... not so.)

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