Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What chemo has done to my skin

First things first - Please pardon my lack of a pinkie toenail. While I DO have something there that resembles an actual pinky nail, it is beyond my natural abilities to make it  cute. (Unlike those sweet Asians at the nail salon, who can somewhere make a double French manicure appear. Bless them and their detailed work! For real!)

Now, for the true reason for this post. See how my skin is puckery and loose? See how the skin on my third and forth toe has shriveled? Note how I suddenly have a swath of extra skin beneath my big toe. Did you see how my skin has a chalky appearance, almost like there's a fine dusting of white powder on top of my skin?

This is what's going on ALL OVER MY BODY, KIDS!

Not only has this last round of chemo wrecked the smell of my skin, I appear to have aged seven years in seven days. That film/residue is just chemo coming out of my pores. The kicker is, I sort of have to wait for it to just slough off. I can't use a louffa sponge or soap with harsh cleansers, because I could hurt/cut my skin and cause an infection, which would be worse than dealing with the skin that is grey and chalky. Bahhhhh!

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Super Sara said...

I love your description of the lovely chemo coming out of your body. At least that is a good thing. We'd rather have it out than in!