Thursday, April 9, 2015

I may not cook anymore, but at least my fridge is clean!

Tonight was the night Christian came over this week with dinner. Knowing she was coming, and that she has sufficient strength to carry my trash down the stairs, I took a few minutes this evening to clean my fridge out.

There was some expired hummus in there, and some sour cream I bought before chemo started. Nothing major. But while I was in there, I thought it might be a good time to check the expiration dates on the condiments...

Uh, yeah... Most of those dates were "best before" 2011, which makes perfect sense.

I used to cook.

The Dijon mustard was purchased to make this awesome marinated chicken I used to make (smothered chicken, I think, is the name of the recipe on PW's site). To my memory, the last time I made that was for Jo's family when she was pregnant with Sally and down  in May of 2010.

The maraschino cherries are from the last batch of cherry/nut fudge I made. (Christmas of 2009.)

The lemon juice expired in 2012... years after I made my last batch of lemon bars.

Yeah, so I used to cook/bake and now I live on cold cereal and yogurt. Whatever. It's fine.

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