Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Round IV

Here we go again...

 Here I am, with Tweetybird and my security blanket in tow. Ready (okay, maybe ready isn't the best word, but I'm doing it anyway) to start round four.

My body is tired and it is sore. *But that weekend was worth it.

My back and my legs and my abdomen and my feet (oh, my poor feet...) are killing me from having been out and about and mobile for three days straight, but now that I'm bed-bound again, the bod will have plenty of time to rest up.

The nurse was just here to access my port and take my blood. My pre-meds should start in about an hour, and the chemo will hit my bloodstream a couple hours after that. I anticipate that I'll be asleep by 4:00... and that I'll wake up around the 20th.

Here goes nothing.

*Best part of my initial round of vitals? The weigh in. Guess who gained two pounds between Friday and Tuesday? ... This girl! Woooooot! (Pizza AND a calzone from Spinato's, both Target and theater popcorn, Taco Bell, CPK and ice cream every day. All solid choices. And the scale just totally backed me up on that.)

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Genevra said...

That calzone and pizza are so yummy. Congrats on the gain in weight. :) How often do adults celebrate that?