Sunday, April 5, 2015

Who needs a sorting hat?

Judy's been reading her way through the Harry Potter series this week, and I'm back to avoiding washing my face at night. (Or ever, really.)


Because A) She had never read the HP books and they are freaking amazing, and B) My face peels off every time soap and water touches it.

I'm not even kidding.


See the splotchy cheeks and forehead? Yeah... that's all new baby skin. (Don't worry that I'm not smiling here because the mouth sores on my gums make it hard for me to move my mouth - even into a smile. It's a real party.)

Ya know how when you get a sunburn and it turns to a tan and you think you've survived the peel, just to have your skin pill up when you towel off after a shower three days later? Well, that's what my face is doing these days. Every time warm/hot water gets anywhere near it. ... Makes me crazy. The assumption is that it's because of the steroids they give me with the chemo. My face stretches to maximum capacity by the morning of day three, and it takes about a week for the swelling to go all the way down. (Just in time for the mouth sores to come along and make my face swell up again. Ha!) Anyway, the guess is that the stretched-out-steroid face + the burns from the chemo (you should see how red my face gets during treatments... it's wicked) = this new skin condition that's constantly causing the old/damaged skin to slough off and be replaced with baby pink skin.

On the one hand, this could be considered a bonus. Like, I'm getting a "free" chemical peel with every round of chemo. 

On the other, I feel a little bit like a snake shedding her skin. The upside? My eyes haven't turned red, a la Voldemort's. So, I guess that's a good sign. (Fingers crossed that my new snake face doesn't automatically make me a Slytherin. ... Anyone who knows me knows that I'd so rather be in Gryffindor with the Weasley twins.)


Mindi Smith said...

How do you still have your eyebrows and eyelashes?! Also, I miss your hen-pecked peach fuzz hair. ��

Myra said...

You look sexy sans hair. And I love that Judy is reading Harry Potter. Those books are super magical. Ellie is reading them, and Harry Potter is teaching her the magic of reading - ala, falling deep into a book, carrying it with her everywhere she goes, talking about nothing but the book she's reading, etc.

And did you can go on and they will sort you into a house? My kids are SO into Pottermore right now.