Friday, April 3, 2015

Wig Update #2

I am 98% certain this is my hair. (And you know, the hair of my friends and family.)

Merria didn't tag me in her Instagram post, but based on the color lineup (blonde to brunette, left to right) and the texture (how cute are all those natural waves/ringlets?), I'm pretty sure this is the last step before the hair will start to get tied into the wig.

Here's are a few samples of wigs in  process. (Yeah, more posts I took from her Instagram. Obviously not my wig, but it's kind of cool to see a wig in the middle stages. ... I'm SO hoping that she does the thing with the pins to set waves into my wig!)

Now that the hair has been culled and processed (cuticles removed and chemically treated, so it will stay smooth and not get ratty), it shouldn't be that long before it starts to come together.

Stay tuned!

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