Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm leaving on a jet plane

June 14th, Judy and I fly to Houston.

I received confirmation late this afternoon from MD Anderson that my initial consultation appointment has been finalized for noon on June 15th.

What this means: MD Houston has received and reviewed my medical records and done the initial, cursory, insurance verification, so I am approved for consult. (Because my insurance company is a national provider, they don't have to get preapproval for me to see the doctor. Any diagnostic tests (scans, biopsies, etc) will need to have preauthorizations before they'll actually be performed, but that's the same policy that MD Anderson follows here. Those pre-auths can jerk your schedule around, to be sure. But, at the same time, it's really good to know that they won't be running a $10,000 test on me without knowing up front that my insurance will cover it.)

I've been advised that I need to be available for 3-5 business days. I'll meet Dr. Z Monday afternoon, and then depending on what she thinks is the best route, I may be in and out for tests and blood work for the rest of the week.

Airfare was booked tonight. We'll land at about 3:00 in the afternoon on Sunday and we'll fly back out around 2:00 in the afternoon the next Saturday.

Exactly where we'll be staying is still up in the air... but I'm certain that will work itself out. There is a hotel on site that is owned by the hospital and run by Marriott. (Hello! I looooooove Marriott pillows!) They have reduced rates, and only MD Anderson patients, families and caregivers can stay in their hotel. (I'm sort of in love with that.) I called tonight to make the reservation, and they only had availability for the 14th and the 18th (we're in town from the 14th through the 19th). Did I still reserve a room for those two, non-consecutive, nights? Yes, I sure did. The clerk I spoke with said they could have cancellations for the other four nights at any time, and that I could call back every day if I wanted to see if anything had opened up. (Permission to call daily and semi-stalk the hotel of my choice? Mission accepted!) My back up plan is to make reservations at another local hotel for the 15th through the 19th, and then cancel those as soon as I know that I'm in at the Rotary House for the week. 

Anyway, I'm going to Texas. I'm not sure where I'm staying, and I have no idea what my schedule will be like while I'm there, but I'm going. In three weeks, I'll have (at least the beginning of) some new information.


shana said...

That's great news. I love it when things actually happen fairly quickly. :)

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Evvie Turley said...

That is very good news! I'm willing them to have a new, effective plan of attack for #9. Keep the faith, keep smiling and keep wearing your fabulous wig. It looks oh so pretty on you, darling!