Saturday, May 16, 2015

What a day!

Holy moly... today has been one for the books. (And I'm so tired that... oh, gosh. I don't even have words.) But today is a day that must be documented. So... here we go.

It was Jo's and my Third Annual at Schnepf Farm's Peach Festival.

So what if I only brought home about 10 peaches this year? That was about all I could carry. (I'm such a weakling now.) But I ate my fill of peaches in the muddy, slippery, mess that was the peach farm. And we got a good selfie. So... WINNING!

After tromping through the mud and the muck, Jo brought me home so I could rest up for an evening of good times at Kirk's house.

I'd gone over a couple weeks ago, and Hazel said something about how she wanted to paint my head, "like an Easter egg". Hello! I can do that. So, I sent Judy to the store for some paints, and Mary had about a bazillion brushes. Done and done.

Best family dinner/art event of all time.

Monson and Hazel were the most enthusiastic (and lasted the longest... until all of the black paint was gone, and until waaaaaaaay more than the approved amount of my skin had been covered), but all of the kids got into it. Strangely, I don't have a good pic of Russell with a paintbrush in his hand, but here is the proof that he left his mark.

The rules had been ONLY ON MY BALD HEAD. Not on my face, not on my neck, not on my ears. ... Monson and Haze got a little carried away. (And Monson was having a love affair with the pot of black paint. He seriously could not get enough of it.)

By the end of the game, I looked more like a convict with prison tats than a cancer patient (esp on the left/Monson side of my head), but it's all good.

This was my favorite pic of the night. This was at the beginning, before all of the weirdness happened on the side(s) of my head.

Kirk started with writing my name (he called me Lala when he was a baby, and it's sort of stuck), Russ painted on a cancer ribbon. I don't remember which of the big boys drew that big smiley face on the back of of my head, but it was Hazel who made sure there was a red flower and a blue butterfly to be pretty.

I love these kids. I love that when they think of me, they have memories of nicknames and smiley faces and flowers, and that they would want to make sure that a cancer awareness ribbon was prominent on my bald head.

The images that followed were more of the same: writing their own names, painting a beach scene complete with palm tree under the smiley face sun, and... who the heck knows what Monsy was trying to make happen with all that black paint down the side of my neck.

I'm so glad that the kids aren't afraid of the baldness, that I was able to help them make a memory that will (hopefully) make the cancer less scary for them. ... Best. Family. Dinner. ... Ever.

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