Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wig Update #5

It's almost done!

Aaaaaaaaand, it's pretty blonde.

(I'm trying to come to terms with the blonde-ness, actually.)

There's just the front left on that one side, and then it'll be finished!

The best part?

The hair is wavy/curly!

The earlier pics I'd seen looked like straight hair, and I had wondered how in the world all that curly hair had been tamed. Good news, it hasn't been! (It just looked straight because it had been oiled to put moisture back in the hairs. ... I know this, because I asked.)

The wig should be done and in the mail to me by Saturday. Which means... this time next week, I'll have my hair (and the hair of my friends and family) in my hot little hands!


Superjulie said...

Oh, I am so super excited for you! This has been a long time in planning and it's neat to see it close to being complete. I'm agog with anticipation to see your new hairdo. And that you get to wear it when you're feeling a little better and not recently released from a treatment is a cherry on top. I love you!!

Beth said...

Love you too! You'll rock being a blonde! :-D Actually, you're beautiful no matter what's on your head, but this does look amazing! XxxxX