Friday, May 22, 2015

Wig Update #6

It's done!

Merria emailed and texted Tuesday to let me know the wig was done, and to ask if I'd like her to root it (put lowlights in) before she sent it out.

As much as I really wanted to honor the natural color of the sweet girls and wonderful women who had donated to the cause... and as curious as I've been as to whether it's true that blonds have more fun... I just couldn't imagine myself sporting hair that's so light.

So, I asked her to keep it another day or two and work her magic. And work some magic, she did! These pics of the finished product came in this morning.

Isn't it beautiful?! (And look how long it is!) I love it!

She's shipping it today. The next time you see a pic of this wig, it will be on ME!


Myra said...

Your wig is GORGEOUS!!! Can't wait to see you rock that hair.

Sabrina Gardner said...

Wow! That's amazing! I can hardly wait to see it on you!

Jenni said...