Friday, June 12, 2015

24 hours later

It is done.

I am packed.

Yes, that's one carry-on with clothes for six days. 

Including three hats, two scarves, a sweater (in case I get cold in the sweltering humity that is Houston in the middle of June) and an extra pair of shoes. All that's missing is the toiletries that I'll be using from now 'til Sunday morning.

I know. ... I'm, surprisingly, a minimalist when it comes to traveling.

And just in case they end up keeping me in Texas and I want some more wardrobe options...

I have this box packed and ready to be shipped to me.

And yeah, that's another week worth of clothes in that little box.

I know, I'm sort of a packing wunderkind. 


Genevra said...

Holy cow, I am super impressed with how you pack.

Sabrina Gardner said...

The sweater is a good idea for all those air conditioned buildings/airplanes. I hate dressing for hot weather and then being in what feels like a refrigerator.