Sunday, June 14, 2015

Aaaaaaand, we're here!

It is so green and lush. 

The red brick buildings are gorgeous.

And (*tonight, anyway) our hotel is very fancy. 

This is the view of the atrium from the table where we ate dinner. 

(At a restaurant INSIDE the hotel. This is all very exciting for two girls from Taylor, AZ

It's good to be here. Marriott service (and pillows) connected to MD Anderson by pedway? It's pretty much the best thing ever.

*As of now, we're at The Jesse H. Jones Rotary House tonight, Thurs and Fri nights. Because this hotel is specific to MD patients, they operate on a full-to-capacity status 24/7. If another patient is released and able to go home early, it's possible that a room will open up for Mon-Wed, but we're double booked a couple miles down the road so we'll have somewhere to sleep either way. I mean, I'd rather just walk across the street to go to the doctor, but... I'll take a free shuttle from two miles down the street if I have to.

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