Friday, June 26, 2015

Did you know?

MD Anderson was a person! 

Not, MD, as in Dr. Anderson (though he was a doctor), but Monroe D. Anderson.

He was a person. And he started this amazing thing. (Well, him and some other awesome people started it.) But he was a person, and he wanted to help people who had cancer. ... I sort of love him.

I love him and his red brick buildings. They were gorgeous, and I SO didn't get enough pics to show you even half of what was the Houston MDA campus.

Both of these shots were taken from the pedway that connected the hotel (above) to the hospital itself.

Judy and I walked from the hotel to my Monday afternoon appointment, and when we turned the corner and saw this sign, it was... well... it was amazing.

A Sarcoma Center. 

An entire department, with multiple doctors dedicated to people with sarcoma diagnoses.

Here, I was not an anomaly. Here, I was just a patient.

(And I mean that in a good way.)

And, oh my gosh... the hotel. MD Anderson owns an adjacent hotel, on MDA property, specifically for the use of MDA patients and their caregivers, managed and operated by Marriott.

Hello! This is the view of the lobby, from the restaurant on the 2nd floor.

Also, can I tell you how much I love a hotel that has a self-serve frozen yogurt station that's open 24/7?

Uhm, no. No, I cannot. Because there aren't words for that kind of love.

And, hello! ... Best froyo flavor. 

Of. All. Time.

I seriously couldn't even tell you how many free samples I had of this stuff. It was amazing.

And there's a little restaurant across from the froyo stand that has a breakfast and lunch salad bar.

Amazing, beautiful, GLORIOUS fruits and vegetables (and grilled salmon), by the pound. This was the first time I'd had oranges and strawberries since chemo. Oh, my. The agony and the ecstasy. (But it was worth it. ... Mostly, because I had a toothbrush only 6 floors up, and I could get that acid out of my mouth asap.)

Oh my gosh, Houston was awesome. (I say that like we saw the city. We so didn't. But the hotel and the accommodations - oh, right, and the medical facility - were totally awesome!)

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