Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I don't look like Voldemort anymore!


The pic on the left was taken May 24th, the pic on the right was taken today.

My goodness, the difference a month can make (post-chemo, anyway) is astonishing!

Those are my real eyebrows and my real lashes. I'm not wearing a stitch of makeup in either shot. Which, as we all know, is not my usual MO when it comes to pics I post on the www (or even let people take in the first place), but I wanted a true side by side.

While I know my eyelashes will have a relatively short shelf life - they'll just fall out again the next time I restart chemo - I have a couple good months of mascara ahead of me!


Genevra said...

Hairless you are way cuter than Voldemort. Plus, you have an adorable nose. And holy cow, I am so surprised and excited with how fast your eyebrows and eyelashes grew in. I really thought those would take longer.

shana said...

Wow!!! That is amazing. I love how fast they are growing. Hooray for mascara wearing. :) I hope you buy a brand new tube to celebrate this monumental growth of eye lashes. :)

Anonymous said...

Testing ..... testing ..... Will she or will she accept my comment? If she does, it'll be the first ..... THE FIRST ..... time since cancer posts began. Oh well. I'm nothing if not the perseverence fairy. Let's try being ANONYMOUS this time. Love you! Signed, Judith Elaine Robinson Walton, mother of two of the most beautiful daughters in this here world, both of whom, I happen to know, love one Laurie Evans!

Laurie said...


I'm so glad you tried to comment again, since I have NO IDEA what had happened to any comments you may have tried to post under your own name earlier. I haven't seen your name come through in ages, and I hope you know that I wouldn't have intentionally deleted any comments from you if I had. It's always good to hear from you, even if you are "anonymous".