Monday, June 15, 2015


Here's the scoop on today... There really isn't one. Ha! I had to be there at noon, did registration stuff until 1:00, and then started with the nurse and worked my way up the food chain through the PA and then the doctor. I didn't leave until 4:00. It was super awesome. The PA was really thorough in asking questions and she did a physical exam. The doctor was also AWESOME at asking questions and listening to answers. They'll need to do diagnostic tests before they can formulate a plan. She's going to try and get me in for a pet asap. If the insurance won't pay for the PET, she'll step down to a CT, but the PET will give more specific info as to the tumor type (well vs de-differentiated liposarcoma... well differentiated - my historical diagnosis - is best treated with surgery, de-differentiated liposarcoma responds better to chemo and other traditional treatments), so she's pushing for that. Once she has scan results, she'll present me to the board and they'll have a round table discussion. I'm a tricky case because the way my body presents and the way my pathology reports read contradict each other. The board meets Tues and Thurs nights, so I should have a better idea of what's going on - and what they can do about it - on Wednesday or Friday.

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