Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Different, not less

For those of you who aren't aware, I'll just tell you point-blank... Judy is a big fan of Book TV.

I mean, huge.

Judy may even be Book TV's #1 fan. I'm not kidding you. She loves it. ... Has for years.

She stores up a lot of knowledge, watching/listening to authors talk about their non-fiction books. And, every once in a while, she'll latch onto a certain author or topic and go all in.

This spring, that author was Temple Grandin.

For real.

I'm here to tell you, as the daughter (and part time prisoner) of the woman who loves Temple Grandin, I've watched a lot of Temple YouTube videos and TED talks in the last few months.

Aaaaand... Judy is right. Temple is awesome.

A few weeks ago, we watched this awesome biopic that HBO did on the early life/education of Temple Grandin.

It's so good, you guys.

I mean, so good.

And it's free with Amazon Prime.

Check it out. It'll be two hours well spent, I promise.

The woman is truly amazing. And it's the fact that her mind works differently that's allowed her to progress so far in her chosen field. I super duper love that this woman with Autism is such an advocate for children  who also live on the spectrum.

"Different, not less." - Beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

Laurie, I watched that movie a few years ago - It is an awesome movie - a must watch!!

Teri B