Friday, July 17, 2015

Project Chia Pet - Week 4

Iiiiiiiiiiiit's Friday! ... And we all know what that means around here!

Let's not compare how last week's pic was taken at 10 PM (man alive, I look exhausted!), against this morning's 7 AM shot (but seriously, doesn't my skin look great? not even 1% sallow!).

You can't really SEE that there has been growth, but I promise that there has been. Last week, I could sort of (barely) get the top combed over to the side. Now, I live in a place where the top hairs are totally long enough to stay "done".

Yesterday, I had a coworker comment on how much she likes the style of my short hair. I just laughed and then thanked her, telling her it's just the way it's grown back in. She seemed shocked. On the one hand, this is hilarious to me. On the other, I'm pretty stoked that the hair is starting to look like an intentional, stylish, thing... and not so much like a science experiment.

I measured it this morning, just for kicks, and it's just over 1 cm. (I tried to take a pic to prove it, but the angle of the camera over my hand having to hold this super short hair against a measuring tape wasn't working for me. So, you'll just have to trust me.)


Catherine said...

I think you totally rock the super-short hairstyle! You are simply adorable, whatever is adorning your head! :)

shana said...

Looking good my friend. I love it! :)