Friday, July 31, 2015

Project Chia Pet - Week 6

Remember how salt-n-pepper last week's Chia Pet selfie was?


My intent was to take today's selfie outside, too, so ya'll could see how much more gray I have, even from last week, but... it's monsoon season. Thus, the sky has been overcast much of the afternoon and it looks more like a patch of gray than... uh... almost completely gray.

I can't really tell that the length has grown much in the last week, but I can FOR SURE tell you that I've had another round of follicles wake up. My skin has been itchy as all get out for the last several days and my hair is officially at the "bushy, bushy bon hairdo" phase. I'm hoping it starts to lie down again on its own, otherwise I may be forced to start putting product in it to make it behave. (My current method is to pull a knit cap over my wet hair so it dries with  pressure added to flatten it. It's an effective method of hair taming... until it starts to rain and my hair gets wet and poofs out again. Ha!)

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