Thursday, August 27, 2015

Scan Day

I started today off bright and early in the Diagnostic Imaging dept. Here in Texas,  they use a different (tasteless and colorless) contrast than what I'm used to in Gilbert. And I'm here to tell you,  I'll take 32 oz of Tropicana OJ with a half cup of chemicals thrown in over the same amount of mocha flavored barium any day! 

I mean... Look,  I'm genuinely smiling in this pic. That's happened with barium exactly zero times. 

After my scan,  Judy and I went to lunch with Cousin Jan. This time she took us to The Raven (OMG, aaaaaaaaaa-mazing food!) and then on a driving tour of Rice. (OMG, beeeeautiful campus!)

After lunch, Jan and Jude dropped me back at the hotel do I could take a much needed nap,  and then they enjoyed some grown up cousin bonding time. 

After a good three hour nap,  I woke up with a screaming headache and a need to go outside and warm up. (Hotel a/c always kills me a little bit.) So Jude and I took ourselves on a walk of the facilities. 

It took us an hour to walk on one side of the street lunged with MDA buildings. My guess is that there's another hour worth of walking to be done on the other side. 

This place is GINORMOUS. 

And totally awesome. 

And at the end of our travels, we stopped for a selfie in front the main building. If you look at the tippy top of the pic, you can see the MDA signage. And if you look at our hair you'll see that this is probably my best matchy matchy hair cut pic yet!

I'll get results on today's tests tomorrow afternoon. Be looking here for the update.

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