Friday, August 28, 2015

Two of a kind

Tonight, the Jude and I went on a mission to get our matchy/matchy hairdos documented on film. 

I'm not too shabby at selfies, going solo. It's an entirely different matter when I've got to cram two faces in there. (Obviously.)

Anyway, this is the few from the front. Jude's rocking more gray in the front than I am, but from the back, we have very much the same color.

Don't worry. Neither of us broke our arms trying to get this angle in a truly backwards selfie. Oh no, Judy absolutely chased down a couple strangers and then we handed them our very expensive camera equipment and literally turned our backs to them. 

We have such grand adventures in the city!

And here's a true close up side-by-side. (No strangers were involved in the taking of these pics. This is Evans work, for sure.) Mom's hair is longer, but the curl patterns are the same and the color is very close. It's awesome! 

And I'll leave you with this awkward selfie, complete with the inclusion of a glorious handicapped sign behind us. You're welcome.

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