Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sweet Corn!

Labor Day weekend is also known as the Sweet Corn Festival in Taylor. And this year was pretty epic (and I'm not just saying that because I had a real awesome experience of learning that this new/changed body of mine can no longer digest corn... after eating roughly 20 ears of corn in a 36 hour period). I was home, Kirk and his family was home, Katie was there, our brother Brett's little girl, Natalie, was there. And, of course, Mom and Dad. It was a house FULL of people (Kirk had brought some friends, which added an extra family of six... NBD, right?), and a super good time!

My nieces and I have a hardcore tradition of taking selfies in the car when we're together. This was Haze and me on the way home from church. (I had "found" a bag of chocolate-dipped pretzels in my church bag, so we took the super long way home, eating pretzels and shooting selfies the whole way.)

Sweet Natalie.

Yeah, so.... I bought a truckload of corn for $20. (Not a whole truckload. But still, it was a lot.) Kirk and Kate and I went out for a caffeine break, and ended up picking up a couple dozen tamales and... oh... seven or eight dozen ears of corn in the afternoon. The Saline truck was running a little low, and when I asked David what he was charging, he flippantly answered, "$5 a dozen, or $20 for the rest of the truck". SOLD!

Too bad I'm not physically strong enough to cut the end of the cob of corn off. (Or emotionally strong enough to get past the worms.) So, it fell to... oh, everyone else on the premises to take care of the corn and prep it for freezing. But... it was sort of a party. (Says the girl who didn't do any of the work.)

RussellBear, the most helpful corn shucker in the bunch. For real, the kid jumped in and started helping his dad shuck corn without being asked, and he kept going until the last silky strand was taken from the last ear of corn.

Saturday morning, the parade ran right past Mom and Dad's house (the perks of living on Center). There was candy thrown (and caught). But the best parade favor? Sweet corn, handed out by the Craners. Black Diamond Glass's floats were the very best!

Family. Corn. Good times.