Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pix of this $#*@!% tumor

Last night, I tried to upload pics from my last scan, but for whatever reason it wouldn't work.  (Probably because I was so tired that I couldn't see straight, so the gods intervened and made my phone fail, so I'd turn it off and just go to bed already. ... Don't try and tell me that divine intervention isn't a thing. I know for sure that it is!)

But hey! Tonight, I got them to upload! 


This is a pet image. (You can tell, because it's all glowy.) Please note that my brain is WHITE HOT from all the metabolic activity going on in there. Now, please note the arrow pointing to the chunk of tumor in my ribcage. That little piece of shiz had an SUV of almost 6 on my last pet - now it's at a 14. Ugh. Also, please take a look at the new glowy bit in front, close to (hopefully, part of) the amorphous mass that's covering my large and small intestines. 

Oh, and don't worry about that super glowy spot between my legs. I don't have bladder cancer or anything. I just really (REALLY) had to pee when I was in that dang tube! It's super cute, I know. 

And here we have a side-by-side, comparing what rib 10 looked like at my last scan vs last week. 

See how, on the left, you can still see the bone that is (used to be) my rib? And on the right, you can see that the entire portion of rib bone has been encased by the bloody tumor, causing a "pathologic fracture". That's right, this dang tumor has broken my rib. Awesome possum.

I super duper hate the cancer! 

But on the other hand, it's sort of nice to have an explanation for why my back hurts so bad by the end of the day. (Also, bonus: I've had multiple medical professionals compliment me on my pain tolerance in the past week. Not a compliment I'd recommend setting out to recieve, but still. It's nice to hear that I'm not a Grade A Wuss.)

I'll write more later (by which I mean: on another day, because later tonight, I won't be doing anything other than sleeping) about the chemo and stuff. But, gosh, I hope ya'll enjoyed those pics of the inside of me. 


Charity said...

Oh man my friend...cancer sucks! 😕 That's all I can say....oh and I love you tons and I'm here or if you need a chemo buddy or someone to sit and stare...whatever you need I'm here! 💜

Jenni said...


Evvie Turley said...

:( :( :( I'm on strike against cancer!

shana said...

Thanks so much for blogging again. I know it takes precious energy and time, so thank you. I've missed seeing your reports. Good luck with the next stage of this adventure. We'll be praying for you every step of the way!!!

Lana Owens said...

Laurie...tears swell in my eyes as I read about those $#@!% tumors. I admire your constant fight and your desire to live life to the fullest...Here's a big HUG your way.!!!!