Saturday, November 14, 2015


Spence and Brea came for the weekend, so we could spend some quality time and make some memories while I still had hair. And some measure of energy.

They drove down today, and we met at Barro's for some cousin and sibling bonding tonight.

Hilly and me.

Seth, me, Spencer. 

Note that I look like a midget between my giant nephew and his giant father.

Tyler, Con, Kirk, Hill, Kirk

Since Spence and Brea were driving through Flagstaff on their way here, they stopped and picked up Tylie. It was super fun to get to hang out with the fam and eat pizza (I had to have one slice of Kona. ... Should I be eating white bread? No. Does pineapple make my mouth blister? Yes. Is teriyaki sauce too sweet? Uh-huh. Can my stomach digest cheese? Not so much. ... But I did it. And I have no regrets. It was so freaking good!)
Kirk, Spencer, me, Tyler

Not the best lighting, but... it was, pretty much, the best night I've had in a good, long, while.

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