Monday, November 16, 2015


As a continuation of Family Par-Tay Weekend, tonight we had Sunday dinner with the Woods.

It was basically a repeat of The Last Supper that we had in January, before I started chemo the first time. Chips, hotdogs, ice cream. (Listen, I know what I like. And, I'm here to tell you, what I like is a burnt hotdog with bacon jalapeno poppers, chili, cheese and mustard. ... OMG. Best hotdog ever.)

Me and the little girls in my life: Maggie, Sally, Hazel, Hilly

The Boys: Kirk, Seth, Connor, Russell

Jo and Dean are THE BEST. They not only fed me Sunday dinner, but also my entire family. Mom and Dad had driven down the mountain with Brett and Natalie, and Katie was there. We were a full house, and then some. It was the greatest.

Cili and me

RussellBear, me, Kirkey

Dad played "Velociraptor" with all of the kids.

After dinner, we had a full blown (and completely impromptu) Family Talent Show. It started with me begging Roomie to play one (or maybe three) of the songs she's written...

And then I begged Seth to play the guitar and sing. (I had to beg pretty hard, fyi. The kid isn't phased by The Cancer Card. At all. ... It's like someone's been trying to manipulate him with it for years or something. Weird.)

After Hill and Sethie sang, it was a full-on free for all. Evans kids/cousins singing along with Seth's guitar, Wood girls pounding on the piano. A Frozen sing-a-long.

It was epic.

We even got a shot of the original Evans Eight before the night was over.

All told, it was a pretty magical evening. Fabulous food, great company, some serious sing-alongs.

I soooooo love my people!

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