Monday, December 28, 2015

A slideshow of baldy pics

A couple weeks ago, I posted that my hair was falling out. Since then, I've posted pics on social media, but have been a pretty big slacker about putting anything up here. I figure it's time to make it up to my bloggy friends who may or may not also be fb fans and/or Instagram followers.


Nice Princess Leia buns for Star Wars Day, eh? (Yes, that is my actual hair. Judy had wanted to keep it for a craft, so I'd been putting it into baggies as I pulled it out. The amount of hair that I lost in the afternoon of December 17th is the bun in my right hand. The other bun is all of the hair that I'd lost up to that day, combined.)

On December 19th, I decided to see what "hair do" options I had and do a photo shoot. I would take pics and then send them to my brothers. Ha! (Kirk's been hoping for some male pattern baldness. The evenness in which I have lost my hair has been sort of a bummer to him.)

The combover is still my favorite.

As cute as all those little piggies were, I'm here to tell you... I lost a lot of hair that day, twisting my hair into piggies and then pulling the bobby pins back out.

This was pretty typical hair loss for any one of my piggy dos (and there were A LOT of them). Ha!

That night, Judy and I had Panda Express for dinner, and I had to repurpose my Leia buns into Mrs. Meers. Because it's such a natural progression from Chinese food to Chinese laundry to white slavery...

Shoo show, shoo show.

Also, POOK!

And speaking of things I got "from my mother's side of the family"... check out the similarities here.

I had snapped the pic of myself Christmas Eve morning and sent it off to my cousin Julie with a note that it was funny to me how I could see Uncle John in me, now that I'm old and gray and bald. ... She sent me back a pic of John that night. Uh, yeah. No wonder I thought that wave across my forehead looked like Uncle John's! It... uh... is exactly like his. (Those Ball genes are strong!)

I'm a little grayer than I was last week, and my hair's still getting thinner by the day. I'll give it a few more days to fall out on its own before I cut/shave it off.

What I learned last time is that leaving dead hair in my head makes my scalp itchy and weird, so I'm just letting it come out on its own. It's been wildly different this time, in that it's been almost three weeks since it started coming, and it's still not gone. (Last time, it was roughly 72 hours from start to bald.) It's really funny, because it's so thin and wispy that it mostly just stands straight on end, and it feels more like duck fuzz than human hair. But whatev. It makes me laugh every day, even if it does make me do a double take when I walk past a mirror. Pretty soon, I'll be back to bald little old me. Until then, I'm rocking the toddler bedhead like none other!

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