Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

2015 was a year for the record books, but... it's over.

2015 is over. And I'm still here. 

I'm so glad.

I posted this same meme on January 1, 2015. I'd found it in a search for a new Facebook header pic. I wanted something that reflected my values (yup, I just inferred that "eat the damn chocolate cake" is a value... deal), but wasn't super New Years Resolution-y, and I found this. I loved it then, and I love it now.

And what I love, really truly love, is that I actually did most of this in 2015.


- Do a cartwheel. (Insert standard broken body disclaimer here.)
- Paint each nail a different color. (But I did let little girls give me manicures, which is sort of the same thing.)
- Take a bubble bath. (If you knew the size of my bathtub, you'd understand.)
- Get on that table and dance. (Again, with the broken body. The last thing I need is to fall from a great height.)
- Pick strawberries. (But I did pick peaches and raspberries and lemons and oranges and grapes, and I think that counts. I'd have picked strawberries, too, if I'd had the option.)
- Tag a jog. (Uhm... I haven't jogged since I figured out that I didn't have to do that to get class credit in 7th grade PE. But I did take a lot of walks.)

Oh, and I didn't learn a new language.

But I ate the damn chocolate cake, and I lived. I crammed as much into this (really challenging, in so many ways) year as I justifiably could, and... and the end of the day (year), I have no regrets, no sorrows, and no disappointments.

I'm grateful for modern medicine (even as it makes me swallow my dinner, for the umpteenth time tonight). I'm grateful for doctors who have hope, for friends and family who bless and enrich my life in a myriad of ways. I'm grateful for chocolate cake, for muddy puddles, for colored pencils, for picnics and for days lived in the sun.

This year has been hard. I mean, bone-jarringly, life changingly, hard. But I am still standing. I may be leaning up against the counter, with a knee braced against the cupboard beneath me to hold me up, but I am still standing.

Here's hoping that I'll still be here, on this day, next year. And that I'll be strong enough to come out from behind the counter and stand on my own steam.

In the meanwhile, know that I love my life, even when it's hard. ( I mean, I really, really, love it. Even when it's really, really, hard.) And that I love you. Forever and always. Happy New Year!


Jenni said...

And I love you. Forever and always.

shana said...

I love that advice. What a perfect reminder to all of us to really live life. Love you cousin. :)