Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20

My family is here.

All of them.

L to R: Spencer, Brett, Katie, Me (duh), Kirk and Tyler

These are my siblings. I was able to spend the evening with my family tonight. We had a bbq at Spencer and Brea's and EVERYONE was there. It was awesome! I wasn't sure if Ty was going to make it, because he had a final, and Brett lives in Flagstaff and I didn't think he was going to be able to come down. But they came, and it tonight was exactly what I wanted/needed it to be.

For my Last Supper (pardon my irreverent humor.. you know that I can't help myself), Spencer grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. We had watermelon and Cheetos (my favorite things), followed by Texas Sheet Cake and ... oh ... a good 3 cartons of Blue Bell ice cream. (We are what we are. Ice cream fiends. It's in the Evans blood.)

We talked, we ate, we laughed, we cried, we ate chocolate, I got to open a present (socks and hair bows... my two favorite hospital accessories, bar none!), and then we ate and cried and talked some more.

I love my sibs, every single one of them. We're kind of a funny bunch, in that we all have incredibly different personalities, interests, lifestyles and ... well ... beliefs. But I love them. Fiercely. And I know they love me.

I'm so grateful for family, for relationships, for my life.

There were a TON of pictures taken tonight, and I'm sure I'll post a smattering of them a few days (who's kidding who? at least a week) down the road, but for now... I must show you my darling nieces.

Hazel, Me and Hillary

My goodness, I love these girlies!

These girls make me happy,  because they're adorable and funny and sweet. They make me happy, because they are cousins - and I know what that word means to me. They make me happy, because they're another link in an extended family that has taught me so much. My (favorite) aunts have taught me some of the most important lessons in my life, from the importance of balancing cashews against M&M's in my diet, to the you-should-only-eat-4-peaches-a-day rule, to ... well ... how to live in a body that's riddled with cancer.

I love my aunts. I love my nieces. ... I hope that, someday, I'll have the same relationship with these little girls as I do with the incredible women who are my mother's sisters, because they have shaped my life.

I have to say it again, because I just can't say it enough... My family. I love them!