Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20

It's that time again...

What time, you ask?


Tomorrow morning my friend Kimmie is doing a charity car wash/bake sale to benefit my (and I hope your) favorite charity: ME

Please make an effort to come if you can...

When: SATURDAY, JULY 21st from 8am - 11am (or longer if there's a line.)

Where: McDONALD'S on SOUTHERN and McCLINTOCK (NW corner), in Tempe

$5 minimum donation

*As an added bonus, Kimmie has authorized me to advertise that she has some suh-weet car wash dance moves. The dance involves rolling up her both her shorts and sleeves as high as they will go and then holding the car wash sign in such a way that it covers the rest of body so she appears to be a dancing (naked) human car wash sign. You know you want to go check that out.

**This just in from Kimmie via Facebook: We are doing Laurie's car wash RAIN or SHINE tomorrow. Why would you want to get your car washed while it rains you might ask? Because you'll be helping a friend and also because I will drop to the ground and do the worm right there on the pavement for anyone who donates over ten dollars. You can't even imagine what I will do if you donate over $20. You'll just have to come and find out!

Between the promised performances and the fact that a McDonald's breakfast sandwich is mere 50 feet away, this is a car wash benefit that you do not want to miss!

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